Founder, brewmaster and Pleasant Ridge resident, Matt is ready to bring his craft to his neighbors! His brewing career started in Munich, Germany, where he studied the fermenting arts. After returning home, Matt worked for Rockbottom, Christian Moerlein Brewing Company, then Festivals Unlimited to put on Cincy Beerfest and beer festivals across the region. Matt is already hard at work developing new recipes and thinking of great new ways to share his creations!



Founder, operations manager and former Deer Park resident, Brian has spent his career running restaurants such as Coopers Hawk, Mitchell’s Fish Market and Rusty Bucket and comes to us from Cameron Mitchell Group. It was at Mitchell’s Fish Market where Brian met Matt and the two began tossing around the idea of starting their own place. Years later, Matt remembered those dreams and would follow up with a phone call to ask Brian to hang out and unite the three founders.



Founder and business Sherpa, Josh hails from the Westside and now lives in OTR. After having a Dogfish 120 Minute IPA in 2006 he became hooked on craft beer and started home brewing with his friend Mike. His professional career started at P&G before jumping ship to the brewery industry at Christian Moerlein where he met Matt. A few years later, Matt called with an idea for a brewpub and Josh got started writing a plan and gathering resources to get HighGrain off the ground.




Matt has help! We are bringing in a real, industry-experienced workhorse to do the heavy lifting in the brewhouse while Matt kicks back in the lounge.

We just can’t tell you who they are yet….



Our mysterious chef is currently working with a restaurant group, writing new menus and testing them for new location openings. He is excited to start bringing his ideas to life in our brewpub and so are we!

Be sure to follow us to learn more about our chef in the future.



We have a great designer to help us make everything look cool! He is busy developing shirts, cards, stickers and graphics.

Stay tuned to learn more about our guru of cool.